'Featured Artist...22/September/2023...B'ee'

B`ee grew up around the suburbs of Düsseldorf in Germany. During her younger years she would sing and entertain her school friends who we ́re captivated by her soulful voice. She later found herself being approached by various local bands, requesting her to try out for the position of lead vocalist. Although B'ee still didn ́t really recognize her abilities, she gained a lot more confidence after performing at several live events.

In 2020, B'ee formed the band Sounds of Silence along with guitarist/percussionist, Sven Neukranz and lead guitarist, Heinz Schäfer. The trio created acoustic arrangements of their favorite songs built around Bee's deep and expressive soulful voice. Sounds of Silence went on to record a number of tracks, and their cover version of the Iyeoka Okoawo song 'Simply Falling' picked up extensive worldwide radio airplay.

In 2022, B'ee was approached by renowned blues-rock guitarist, Mick Simpson, with a view to establishing her as a solo artist and recording an album of original material, straying away from the cover versions that she had previously done, with this in mind she formed a working relationship with Simpson, along with producer Andy Littlewood, and the three of them started collaborating on tracks for her forthcoming album. The first single 'Shut the World Away', was released on the 30th of May, along with her second single 'Slow Moving Train'.

'Midnight Rain' is the first single taken from the German based vocalist's forthcoming album 'What's It Gonna B'ee'. The single was produced by UK songwriter Andy Littlewood, and is heavily influenced by the Motown style of the 1960s, drawing on the sound of artists such as Martha & The Vandellas, The Supremes, and more recently Amy Winehouse. This radio friendly track has already picked up airplay on BBC Radio, featuring on both the BBC Music Introducing Show, and the Upload Show.


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