'Featured Artist...03/November/2023...Sgt.Remo

Sgt. Remo, born Sergio Ortiz, is a native of Juarez, Mexico. He is a Mexican-American reggae singer known throughout the U.S. and Latin America for his powerful music and his energetic performances. He began performing in the early 2000's. The unlikely reggae artist emerged on the international reggae scene in 2012 with the debut EP Life is for Living released on his label Jah Yutes Entertainment (JYE). Sgt. Remo has been a resident of San Antonio, Texas since 2014.

In 2014, Sgt Remo released the album Give Thanks for Life and achieved his first international underground hit Rastafari Way. The album was recognized by New York's AIRM's Top 30 Reggae Albums of 2014 and by Denmark's Reggae Moods top 15 Roots & Culture Albums of the Year. Since then, he has released 3 other albums and has appeared in multiple compilations.

He tours regularly throughout the U.S. and Mexico and has become a well-known and respected artist in the global reggae community. His latest project Sgt. Remo & The Vibratones brings together some of San Antonio's best reggae musicians. Together they have been delivering powerful performances in Texas and working in the studio towards a new album and tour.

San Antonio, TX – Sgt. Remo teams up with Chilean producer Kutral Dub for a fierce soundbwoy killing* single "Anywhere We Go".

Chilean producer and dub extraordinaire Kutral Dub is the mastermind behind the production and engineering duties for this one. The album will be released on Sgt. Remo's label Jah Yute Entertainment in the spring of 2024.

Mexican-born, Texas-based, Sgt. Remo has been a steady force in American reggae since his debut EP Life is for Living in 2012. Sgt. Remo is coming off a spectacular year which saw the release of his second full-length album Jah Neva Leave featuring reggae greats Lutan Fyah, Ranking Joe, Chezidek and more.

Sgt. Remo is constantly on the road performing. Recent notable performances include Reggae on the Guadalupe (2021), Dallas Reggae Fest (2022), San Antonio Coffee Fest (2022), Word, Sound & Power Festival (2022), Austin Reggae Fest (2023), Houston Reggae Fest (2023), and an 11-date tour of Mexico (2023).

*No soundbwoys were harmed in the making of this song


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