Licking The Moose

Licking The Moose


'Featured Artist...Friday 10 November 2023...Licking The Moose'

Licking the Moose is back with their fourth album. "Hangover Gospel" follows up "Broken songs of loneliness (2007), Barleywine blues (2009) and "The death of Henry Miller and many others" (2018).

Songs and song sketches were presented in the winters of 2021/2022 and chewed gradually through the "Licking the moose" grinder. The result was once again the start of a musical road trip through the states, for better or for worse, which is now presented on the album. This also involves an inner road trip through devil exorcism, anxiety, daytime driving, lost love, parting, longing, escape, loneliness, doomsday prophecy and death.

After the recording of the single "Lord of temptations" in spring 2022, we worked for the first time with Halden's musical maestro Freddy Holm. It happened after we collaborated with Fredrikstad musician Stian Soli on a project where he wanted us to record and interpret one of his own songs. "Lord of temptations" was recorded in Freddy's own studio and the result was so good that we also wanted him to produce our next album.

In terms of genre, we are still on a musical journey through gospel, rockabilly, hillbilly, crooning, southern rock, rock'n roll, outlaw and western swing. Feel free to call it Americana. But unlike the previous album, which was genre-wise and sound-wise more in the 50s/60s, we find ourselves on this album mainly in the 70s. The sound image is somewhat more "polished" and has more of the warm Californian sound from the 70s.

As usual, we have shamelessly drawn inspiration from Hank Williams, Elvis, The Louvin Brothers, Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, Georg Jones and others, and we have not spared the clichés this time either... The record carries a mixture of gloomy and light-hearted melodies held together by the realization that things will not go well in the end.

This time we were lucky enough to use artist Gard Sture's works on both vinyl covers and on all single covers.

Released on vinyl and all digital media November 03.


  1. Licking The Moose- Stone Cold Night Mare - Copyright - Featured Artist
  2. B'ee - Under Your Spell - All Media
  3. Schaltkreis Wassermann – Restless Tonight – Hypermusic
  4. Topper - Carry The Load - Stephensindiepicks
  5. Michal Towber - Innocence - Spyn Music
  6. Hearts & Hand Grenades - Where I Begin  -Eclipse
  7. Aisles - 4.45AM  - Copyright
  8. Kaleida - Seagull Nun - Vision Music
  9. Lynchburg - The Night I Worked With Tex  - Kross Kut
  10. Chesney Claire - Giving Tree - Stephensindiepicks
  11. Fya Fox - Duvet Day - Copyright
  12. Cabela and Schmitt - Fears For A Smile - Copyright
  13. Licking The Moose- I'm Gone - Copyright - Featured Artist