'Featured Artist...29/September/2023...Mike_Walsh'

A singer, songwriter and poet from London via Madrid, MIKE WALSH attributes his raw and observational writing style to influences in philosophy, literature, and music; infatuated by the works and words from the minds of Seneca to Jim Morrison.

The Spanish-Irish singer-songwriter and poet has now based himself in London as he starts to share his blend of reflective and emotive songs. Drawing influences from sources as disparate as the Roman stoic philosopher, Lucius Annaeus Seneca, through to Tears For Fears, LANY, Jim Morrison and even Matthew Healy.

He articulates, I see myself observing quite ordinary and day to day living stories and writing about them; maybe it is a personal experience or just a concept that sparks my attention, but I do like the day-to-day world. I address my closest friends by animal names, invented names or words or sounds I like. I am also scared of heights and I don't like theme parks.

His latest single 'summertime doesn't last forever talks about summer promises, love and how when the idealism of it all comes to an end and we come back home to reality, nothing is as good or as bad as we think.

Honest and thought provoking, Mike sings from the heart as he takes the listener on the journey of a young man finding his ground.

Since launching the project, Mike has featured in the iTunes Chart at No. 10 in Spain and the UK Top 200, with singles playlisted on Amazing Radio and global regional FM.Think bedroompop with a crisp 90's modern aesthetic, for fans of Novo Amor, Biig Pigg & LANY.


"The stylish impresario has hit all the right aesthetics... Mike's poster soon to adorn bedrooms across the land" Fortitude Magazine

"What a voice! Mike's smooth,sultry tones will transport you to eternal bliss... we can't get enough" Vinyl District -UK Artist of The Week

"Stay tuned for more on Makin, says Danie Cortese, CEO, sure to be 'Makin' some history in this business."


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